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Mancation Spain Portugal.

Yes, you are right, MAN Cation is the new kind of travelling for man! A way to bond with your dear friends in your vacation. This new word is the combination of Man + Vacation = Mancation. Genius!! Travelling with your male friends is a very healthy thing to do. Now-a-days it is not only spa & shopping for women, man also have their right to have something special for them. We came up with some new ideas to make your trip to our destination more exciting.  Consider Spain or Portugal as your next Mancation destination, as we have everything you are looking for, good weather, beaches, fun. sun. great gastronomy, great activities to share with your mates.

Whether if you are looking for an active and adventurous trip or you want something to relax we know how to make this happen for you.

Here we have some options of what to do in Spain or Portugal Mancation

  • Milestone: San Fermin (running from a bull)
  • La Tomatina
  • Sports Events (such as Real Madrid vs Barcelona)
  • Learning how to Surf
  • Free fall or wind tunnel
  • Local production beer tasting
  • Party in Barcelona / Madrid / Ibiza you name it
  • Rent a boat and enjoy a relaxing weekend sailing
  • Triathlon
  • Gastronomical delight weekend
  • Anything that makes you have a great time

As we manage most of our trips, this is only a suggestion, once we have received your email, we will get in contact with you and get an idea of what you are looking for in your Mancation and arrange all the details, so you don’t have to worry about the contacts nor the organisation. You will seat and relax and just enjoy your trip once you are here with your male friends.


Here are some tips to help you start with the planning

  1. Decide what type of mancation do you want
  2. Set ground rules in the mancation
  3. Don’t neglect the woman in your life
  4. Do something adventurous
  5. Choose the right accommodation
  6. Enjoy your trip, bond with you friends

There is only one condition, no women involved.