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Wine & Architecture

Portuguese Alentejo wine is getting more and more interesting and welknown.

The tradition of making wine in the Alentejo province, south of Portugal, dates back from the Fenicius, before the Roman Empire occupied the region.

Ever since, the wine has been produced in the Alentejo. In the 16th Century the Alentejo when wines were florishing but in the 18th century the wine producers of the Alentejo were obliged to destroy an importante percentage of their vineyards, to protect the business of Douro wines….

Only in the 19th century they were able to start growing again their vineyards, to be destroied by the terrible filoxera.

We can say that the new path of the Alentejo wine started after 1940. In the first years the producers would be gathered in cooperative cellars but thanks to the extratordinary performance of its wines, many of the producers are now investing in enotourism and architecture is an important vehicule of attracting visitors to their vineyards and cellars.

We have built na original itinerary that joins together wine, architecture and gastronomy. We will visit the most importante cellars with the enologist responsable for the wine and with an architect . In that way you will learn how the needs of one influenced the solutions of the other.

Apart from wine, most of the cellars are also investing in restaurants with modern chefs that creat modern gastronomy using the traditional and local products reinventing the rich mediterranean diet from the Alentejo.

But we cannot speak of the Alentejo without mentioning olive oil… another extraordinary néctar that we can find in the region. And, because this is also na architectural tour, we have to include the visit of a fantastic and extra modern mil built for an importan brand of portuguese olive oil.

And we will surprise you with unexpected sites, from the most traditional crafts to modern artists that chose the Alentejo to live in

This is a private tour designed for the most demanding clients.

Minimum 2 participants – Luxury

Length of the tour – minimum 2 nights in luxury hotel in the Alentejo

Price per person sharing, 2 nights itinerary, starting at – € 1,500,00

Price per person sharing, 4 nights itinerary, starting at – € 2.520,00

Minimum group of 8 paxs travelling with na architect, full board itinerary.

This itinerary can be adapted for a minimum 2 paxs.