Arquitechture, Culture, UNESCO, Gastronomy, and the list goes on…


Cordoba was the intelectual Capital of Spain and the Moorish Countries during the Califato Empire, this is a great city to visit for many reasons, history, culture, UNESCO Heritage, Gastronomy, Fun, good weather, you name it, you have it there.

One of the most breathtaking attractions in this city is to visit the Cathedral, what before it used to be a mosque, and before a mosque it used to be a small chappel. Now-a-Days luckily we can still see them all, and enjoy a great visit to this fantastique religious site and get to know about it. We have special interests visits, so let us know your interest.

Also, we suggest to try the biggest tortilla in Spain, a quick bite after the visit is a must.

When it comes to relax, here we have some other suggestions for you to recover from travelling and enjoy a good time with your company.

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