Christian, Jewish & Moorish Heritage

€2890 per person

Travelling to be send back in time and understand the roots and be able to understand the present better is a great way to explore the world. With this concept we offer a wide variety of options that will be fulfilling to let you explore the world with the 3 cultures that lived in peace in Spain & Portugal.
The Jewish community has been stablished in Spain & Portugal since the second century, the Moors conquered Spain & Portugal for over nine hundred years and left a handful of beautiful places and culture as the Jewish.
Despite the history with the inquisition and the reconquest from 1492, the culture still live among us since then. There are so interesting facts, not only architecture, but culinary, social, linguistic that we can explore together.
We strongly suggest to create a trip visiting the most important cities that makes each culture the way it is today.
One city that is a must is Toledo, where you can see the 3 religions neighbourhood clearly, with its famous Syngogues, the Cathedral and the Moorish area.
The past shapes our present and gives us to knowledge to shape a better future, come through history with us.

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    Barcelona / Seville
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